Dating direct infinity

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Time keep on slipping the Ripper keeps ripping But right now my image stands still in a prism My light reflects like a mirror, I choose to share it The Precession of Earth is nearing, I'm preparing Assessment and Planning things, should I put mustard on these sandwiches, a Fathers job is so challenging My pupil size increase, constriction and velocity decrease You can't Emcee take a seat What are you building Bis? If you ever leave you'll be missed I tear thru the Galactic drift, I travel 10 digits in 10 minutes Now that's some shit! I'll be gone forever I made these bars so you could ALL remember The illest MC to put it all on the line My career was crucified but I'm still alive Sky scraper spaceships, wide crater dry lake beds "resistance is futile" they said I bear clutch the pen, my girlfriends jealous again So intimate when I write it's a sin, 200 My electromagnetic rap flytrap There's no way Earth you can get around that This is a no brainer, stop the complaining If Hip Hop is dead I'm here to save it Pages upon pages everything I've created The bar was below basic, I had to raise it I did it for my Fathers, I did it for my Mothers and my Brothers I did it for the world to discover My poetry is peaceful, aggressive but regal Progressive to the people, I hope the words reach you 210 Dr.

Watson and Crick found an 3rd strand in the DNA helix So your not what you think Metronome Man will never take commands from the drum The beat is my slave and it will behave as I want Cheers!

doesn't just serve as the culmination of ten years of the MCU, it actually fixes Marvel's broken timeline.

The past year has been a rollercoaster for continuity-minded Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, with each new movie seemingly going out of its way to create some form of contradiction.

The whole thing was a headache that fans tried desperately to make sense of.

Various potential timelines proposing solutions to Marvel's continuity woes were concocted, but each one stretched out the films or otherwise introduced new contradictions.

Transition if you go dry Close your eyes, ritualize, spit your rhymes Without trying you can shift your mind Canibus altered the sequence nucleotides Neuropetides only get high off mature Wine Start timing, Atomic Clock keeps time perfectly, 20 Mrs.

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Now, it's worth clarifying this is inevitable on a practical level.

[Vocal Layer 1: Canibus] I got bored with 4 beats to the measure Professor speech compressor terminated his tenure to explore more rewarding adventure Take a closer look at the bars You'll see I'm not behind them or in front of them, I'm one of them Started with a 100, the Game spit 3, I said, "Fuck it I'ma have to show these niggas something" Too easy, who'd believe me if I said that it wasn't? R The rhymes are raw, deeper than yours You crawled before you walked but didn't think about your thoughts before you talked We spit for sport, I won you lost But you paid them off to nail my corpse to a cross This is 'The Greatest Rhyme of All Time' supposedly 1000 Bars it will probably always be Mentally top heavy, not many can rock with me Hip Hop could not bench me so they plot to suspend me I said, "Nobody benefits, everyone perishes" I tell them this, they say, "Here, it's time for your medicine" Imagine being fined over a rhyme for stepping over the line When I inspired Hova and Nas I listened to '44 4's' 22 times 'I Gave You Power', God stop my heart if I'm lying You like red or white wine?

The rhyme is a weapon, I bust it, the Brotherhood got me covered OP orders with coordinates where to drop mortars I drive forward, sandstorms make my eyes water Skull is a submarine hull Dolphin phones screen calls from places as far away as A. Let's talk about it I'm buying Let's talk about the Children of Zion, excuse me if I start crying The art of rhyming?

One day this will be known for now I must wait I still love them both, and I never forget a face At the time I used my Beta waves more than my Theta waves Then there was greater way I learned at a later date The rate of learning began burgeoning and wouldn't let up, 30 Mommy noticed my vocabulary I developed Telencephalon olfactory lobes I had to practice When a woman has her period I smell it on the mattress It got to be difficult for any woman to live with me I know my history, but what could that mean specifically?

The story of Bruce Lee, I died in my sleep I was weak, it happens with every girl that I meet A Clairvoyant Technique Using X-Ray refraction, Not only can I see into the future I can see past it, 40 But I don't know what it means I pass the Data Stream along to my team They say it's more than a dream Killing caused by poisonous vapours, Lasers, Tasers, Masers Electromagnetic Scalars "That is not dead which can eternally lie And with strange aeons even death may die" Listen to the rhymes, the rhymes equal pie If I had a piece of the pie I could buy Dubai Rip The Jacker was born, the bow was drawn Spit a 100 bars before you could run 100 yards, 50 I seen a mushroom to the north, from my porch It was odd, every dog in the neighbourhood barked You wanna stand there and talk?

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