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Collect up the notes, with each player taking turns to read one.

Everyone now guesses who it belongs to, with the owner sharing more info.

You’ll also need a pack of sentences that you’ve written and cut into strips. Here are some examples: Once the sketchpad reaches the last person, it should end on a drawing; if not, keep going until it does. Number a set of 40 index cards, adding the name of an object or animal on each blank side.

Ask players to write down five things they learned yesterday, each on its own Post It note.The fraudsters used Dating Websites and tied them to organized crime based outside the UK.They advertised Dating Agencies, Dating Websites and Introduction Agencies using pictures of soldiers or models when making contact with their victims.To wind up your icebreaker games for small groups, a simple game for all.As guests arrive at your party, ask each one to take off one of their shoes.

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