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"Then, when reality set in and I saw this was something I had to deal with, none of those things mattered to me anymore."It's not my hair or my breasts - it's me."I've been on Tinder for a while, but I've come across this [behaviour] before on other platform and even in real life too."It just so happens that this is really personal to me and I went into a lot of detail about what I've been through. "I don't want Jared to treat another woman or girl like that every again.How would your husband have behaved, were he alive to pay attention to you and encourage you along?

I have asked for a reconstruction of my right breast and pray this will take place. I am so sad on my own but dare not take the chance of rejection. I feel very sorry that you are sad and that you feel so bad about yourself that you even take baths in the dark to avoid looking at yourself.

Krista posted her interaction with the stranger online to make single men think about the way they speak to women, and admitted she hoped to show how 'breasts and hair' are insignificant.

She said: "I don't need a reminder of what has happened to my breasts. "The issue isn't with my lack of breasts due to breast cancer though, it's the lack of respect and human decency from him. I was hurt because he was so insistent, even when I told him my story.

I think your story would be very different had your husband not died.

In fact, I think that yours is a story of two major losses happening close together.

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