Dating after bilateral mastectomy

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He has started seeing a counselor so that's a big step. I just knew he was going to be too freaked out to touch me.I think that the therapy helped him to deal with his own powerlessness over the situation.After I have my exchange, I may feel differently but for now, thats actually more in my head than his, or I think so and I can imagine, he would not know what its ok to touch or what its not.I once said to him, feel this and I put his hand on the expander said and he just smiled and said its firm.It's always helpful to read other's perspectives and thoughts about this delicate issue.It may be difficult and emotional to talk about it, but we agree that communication is essential to express our own needs and concerns.He was completely prepared for the drains, stitches, etc.

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When I google it, it's usually the woman not interested in sex. I had to guide my husband through it and let him know how I felt....I was still very much interested and it would be different for both of us.I wish you and your wife love and light during this time. I've discussed the topic numerous times over the years.Husband seems too repressed to access what's really going on so that he can move beyond this issue. Jan 28, 2015 PM roadrash wrote: My husband and I went to a counselor prior to any surgery.Now, they are almost non existent, which I imagine yours are also.I'm not sure if you've had a good sit down conversation. I think he's pretty messed up by the whole thing and now that so much time has gone's just so far gone.

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