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It's important to have someone competent and educated carrying out this role and as such, posts usually require a high level of education and are generally occupied by those who have worked for several years within the national parks.Salaries are reasonable but not at the high end of the scale.Tipping is not compulsory but always appreciated and depends entirely on your own opinion and your personal satisfaction, moderated by the topics mentioned above.Having said that, we'd recommend that for good service our travellers tip around: Bearing in mind the issues above, the Gross National Income (GNI) is approximately US.53 per person per day in Zambia.Whilst this is still important, the levels of education and experience required for the job are not as high and thus the responsibility and wages are significantly less than those of the rangers.Consider then the result if such an employee receives much higher tips, perhaps up to US0 a month.Some camps will exclude the guides and spotters from this, others won't.The majority of the camps will explain their own tipping policy in their camp literature, but managers will be able to explain if this isn't the case.

Occasionally we're asked if the managers should get tips.

If this is a regular occurrence, rangers may well have less motivation to work as hard or take on as much responsibility, possibly quitting their jobs to take on a role that would (with tips included) end up paying them more.

This then has severe impacts on the park and the visitors.

The likelihood is then that they will be making more than the rangers.

In this situation, higher than average gratuities can tip the balance of responsibility and remuneration.

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