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Thanks, My Orange Thank you so much, I'm working on it. Smart Admin - the best and most unique control panel at the moment. I have also checked the source code of smart notification. One more thing about the template's grid system, it lacks the functionality to specify different layouts on different widths (classes col-md, col-lg, etc), so im thinking of using bootstrap's grid with your form elements for example like this but im not really sure it works as expected inside a smart-form.Your code is very well documented and any novice programmer can understand it and apply it. I'll wait for updates) First congratulations on your work. For example you have this rule: @media screen and (max-width: 600px) { .smart-form ... Open up "Smart Notification" JS file from the COMMON_ASSETS folder.2.Thanks, My Orange Hey My Orange, I bought this template when it was version 1.3.I manually converted it to Angular JS and have had great success. I had to slice and dice the template so much to make it work with my Angular setup but I think I'll go ahead and upgrade to 1.4.1 despite the effort it will take.I am using php version as a template and the form (form-options.php) Registration form. If possible it would be better if you extended bootstrap's grid with better visual styles but leave the widths as they are.. Do a search for ".mp3" and you can change the names of the ones you like The built-in method:1.I have a problem in validating using the "select2" class. unless you plan to implement the above boostrap functionalities. where/how can I add my own sounds or change the sound for each individual smart notification? When declearing the call method you can specify the sound name in the settings "sound_file: 'your_sound_name'," (there needs to be an mp3 and ogg versions of the same sound file) The override:1.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.

This confuses Jarviswidget as it does not know which page is being loaded, as both page content (though one of then is hidden) are being present at the same time.

Thanks, My Orange Cyates, I have logged this to our bug tracker, please email us directly via the profile page or through email provided in the docs for any future issues. One question though: How can I change the top border color on the active tabs (defaults to a blue color)?

We don't get notifications when comments are posted but a ticket is automatically generated when you email us directly. I thought it would just be based off of @brand-primary, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick when I change it. Thanks,docfan Hello Docfan, That is not a border color that's a box shadow :)Its using the base variable @blue inside file from line 1770.

For part two re: Easy Pie Chart, I did not experiment with such sensitive values though I don't see there will be an issue, you may need to dig deeper by going over to the Easy Pie Chart website which contains a detailed documentation of the plugin. The placement of your modal should be adjacent to #main div (not inside it).

Otherwise you confine the space of the modal by adding the relative inheritance class from its parent which would be the #main div.

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