Creationist response to carbon dating

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There is a kind of free will in history, in our personal lives and in the way nature works, but God does, at various times and for reasons of his own intervene in our personal lives-to answer prayers, for example.

If it is established that for us as individuals and for nations as well that God gives a general free will, but that he does influence and even dramatically intervene for reasons of his sovereign will, then the PC perspective is that almost certainly this is what God has done with nature.

To summarize, the intelligent design position accepts the geological and cosmological implication of an ancient earth and universe, and therefore reject the literal interpretation of the days of Genesis one, they reject using the evidence for common descent as proof that God did not create various "kinds" of life and instead claim that science requires accepting that there are gaps which require supernatural intervention.

I prefer the label theistic evolution for the third of our views of evolution, but my colleagues in the forum do not necessarily agree with my taking that label for the simple reason that all of us are theists and all of us are describing a view of evolution which can be seen as theistic (although I will argue below that EC has some deistic aspects in its view of evolution).

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At the forum our four speakers did not precisely line themselves up with the four views I am outlining below!I believe God began the process and that he has had his "hand" in the process from the beginning, intervening in miraculous ways at various times for reasons known only to him.Last June we arranged a debate titled "Four Christian Views of Evolution." In this debate (in which I took one of the four positions), we considered publicly four alternative Christain views of Evolution.Putting aside for now concern over the label, let me describe our third view of evolution.and are willing to be called progressive creationists, accept that the earth is quite old (approximately 4.5 billion years, as claimed by scientists) and that the universe is also very old (about 13.5 billion years)., or may take the view of scientific concordism, that there is at least a general scientific truth in the chronology, if not the time span, in Genesis.

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