Consolidating school districts kansas

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Across the country, school districts employed 7 million people (fewer than half were teachers) and were responsible for educating more than 49 million students in 2012, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

For states, consolidating school districts can mean fewer buildings to maintain and lower administrative costs.

But the money wasn't enough to convince voters, likely because the consolidation wouldn't have made much of a difference in people's tax bills and would have created upheaval in the community.

“The actual savings from these plans is usually just a fraction of the property tax bill, so it's difficult to vote for doing a radical and risky thing for something that often amounts to or in savings,” said Kent Gardner, chief economist at the Center For Governmental Research in Rochester, New York.

Still, when it came up for a statewide referendum in 2009, voters in Maine kept the consolidation law.

“Every superintendent said ‘consolidation is long overdue, but can you wait until I leave to do it? “Maybe we didn't come up with exactly the right partners for consolidation, but through this, we told them, ‘we're not going to just send you a check and then turn our backs anymore.'” Consolidation is not always successful.

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Eight other districts in the state have divorced since 2011.To adjust to declining enrollment, school board members from Black Oak Mine school district voted last year to send their 200 seventh-and eighth-grade students to the district's Golden Sierra High School, where they attend classes in nine portable classrooms.“If we'd had full enrollment, we probably would never have move them, since it's so upsetting to parents to have their kids change schools,” said Drew Woodall, director of educational services for the Black Oak Mine school district, located about 150 miles north of Yosemite National Park.New York offers consolidating school districts a 40 percent increase in their state aid, freezing the amount based on their aid for the 2006-2007 school year, plus money for new buildings.Had Seneca Falls and Waterloo merged, they would have seen an additional million in state aid over the next 14 years.

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