Consolidating music files itunes

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You'll see the files start to copy --- I'm hoping it will error on the too long file names, but it very well may not.

This will still give you a backup copy of your itunes. Hi, I think I have done what you mean above and a bit more as I have copied everything from "my music" on the c drive into the external hard drive, it appears to have copied everything including the xml itunes library file. What I eventually want to do is replace this pc with a new one and just have all my music on the new pc being itunes compatible. Catherine Hi again, I think it has worked, but whether or not it will be successful with a new pc when we get it is another matter.

I have no idea where abouts in the back up process it decided that a particular file was too long.

Thanks.file://localhost/F:/232431/Good Files/Documents and Settings/Diana/My Documents/My Music/beyonce-crazy_in_Using the above example, I would browse to My Documents / My Music --- then rename "beyonce-crazy_in_love-dc-connection" to something shorter.

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You can consolidate all the files in your library in the i Tunes folder—for example, to make it easier to move your library to a new computer.

Make sure you've closed the file Next, open i Tunes, double click the same Beyonce song, choose Yes, and it will find and reassociate itself with the newer shortened name. You very well may get the error again, but this time it will be on a different file - look in the file again for the first song listed where you music is located and repeat.

I need to leave for about 2 hours, but will be back about pm est.

It might ignore tags with other audio types too, I've also heard that the author is pretty responsive, if you need an extra feature or two.

If you've got the same music in possibly different formats, (like some MP3, some FLAC, some AAC/MP4) then you'll need music library software that can help you organize all that music and find your best quality audio out of what's available.

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