Consolidating company accounting functions

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A few days later, Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp for USD 19 billion in February hit the headlines and social media timelines all around the world.

Industry experts are optimistic about the M&A outlook for 2014.

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Several organizations appoint dedicated M&A finance teams, who can contribute to the process by screening acquisitions, conducting due diligence, crystallizing the terms of the deal, as well as smoothening the integration process.

A step-by-step strategy to Finance and Accounting integration of the two companies, developed well in advance, can pave the way for a seamless transition on Day One (the first day when two businesses are legally merged) and beyond: 1.

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As a Staff Accountant, you will play an integral role in accurately preparing our client's accounting records and performance.

Forbes attributes this optimism to six reasons: In 2013, a Deloitte survey of directors and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) from 200 companies with revenue of USD 500 million and more, found that failure to effectively integrate was their biggest concern post an M&A deal.

The report also emphasized that since M&A transactions employ considerable funds and have associated risks, directors and CFOs need to work together closely to get maximized value from the deal.

Finance and Accounting integration is one of the key steps for a successful M&A, that can not only synergize the energies of two different companies, but also communicate the soundness of the strategy to important stakeholders.

Strategy for Finance and Accounting Integration in an M&A scenario An M&A announcement usually puts companies in the limelight, and the onus of ensuring it goes smoothly can weigh heavily on the shoulders of CFOs and finance executives.

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