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One of the trends com Score data have captured in recent months is the rise of local searches – that is, searches related to geographically distinct places.These searches involve “local qualifiers” – or search terms including specific items such as ZIP codes, telephone numbers and street addresses.This strategic partner relationship blends these two methodologies in a highly automated way to create a unified approach for audience measurement designed to enable publishers to represent themselves in a more comprehensive manner to advertisers, and for advertisers to better optimize their media planning with the benefit of more extensive media reach data.This relationship between Omniture and Comscore will enable organizations to unify their online and panel-based audience measurement information, providing more consistent and more comprehensive standard metrics.Publishers, agencies, and advertisers around the world trust com Score data for planning and optimizing online marketing initiatives.Tag with com Score and join the most comprehensive ecosystem for online digital management.These results from September 2005 represent a sharp increase from mid-2004.Pew Internet Project data from June 2004 show that use of search engines on a typical day has risen from 30% to 41% of the internet-using population, which itself has grown in the past year.

Further analysis Those who use search engines on an average day tend to be heavy internet users.Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the digital advertising world, the offering will combine the power of Omniture’s Web analytics with Comscore’s new Media Metrix 360 hybrid audience measurement to help provide publishers and advertisers with a unified and comprehensive view of online audiences.Two of the keys to implementing a successful digital marketing initiative are the ability to measure and analyze online marketing performance and to capture accurate views of audience reach across multiple information sources.Search engines have become an increasingly important part of the online experience of American internet users.The most recent findings from Pew Internet & American Life tracking surveys and consumer behavior trends from the com Score Media Metrix consumer panel show that about 60 million American adults are using search engines on a typical day.

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