Christian dating standard

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While we did say that all membership levels are the same, technically Christian Mingle still has two different membership types that you can choose from.The first is your free trial membership that you can get automatically through one of the links on this page.Maybe someone you like signed up and never got around to activating their membership.With this premium feature, you can message them, and they can message you back.They aren’t going to delete everything just because your membership term ended.Christian Mingle gives you a nice free trial that you can access with the link below.You’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with.It’s probably worth a couple extra bucks and a little more time commitment out of you.

Basically, we respect your excitement to try and save a few bucks but remember, this isn’t pants or shoe shopping.The good news if you don’t want this to happen or are worried about forgetting is that all you need to do is contact their support and let them know that you do not want reoccurring billing set up on your account.You’ll still be able to use all features of your account for the entire duration of your membership, and if you do decide to renew for a longer term, you can always do that and don’t run a risk of losing your profile or anything like that.In the past, Christian Mingle had multiple membership types for you to choose from.It appears that a Spark Network wide decision was recently made to make things simpler with one plan that has all of the available features.

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