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When his friends displayed disappointment over the possibility of their club not making it into the yearbook, Kurt pulled out several old yearbooks and pointed out that students love defacing pictures of the Glee Club in an attempt to prove that their absence was for the best.

Burt Hummel may be the best father in television history.

There's nothing wrong with having a little crush on a classmate, especially one as sweet and talented as Finn Hudson.

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Kurt was brave enough to dress flamboyantly on a daily basis and powered through a lot of bullying at Mc Kinley, so it's not like things could really get worse.

Yet for some reason, Mercedes Jones couldn't see what everyone else saw and developed a crush on her new best friend.

Instead of just telling Mercedes the truth, Kurt convinced her that he couldn't be with her due to his crush on fellow New Directions member Rachel Berry.

He could have actually tried to sing the solo (which was well within his range) and just turned it down if it was offered him.

That would have knocked Rachel's ego down a peg and given Kurt a chance to prove his underrated talent.

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