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Her work was also included in ' La Femme de Trente Ans' (A Woman of 30), Art: Concept, Paris; ' Odradek', Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France; fig-2 25/50, ICA Studio, London, UK.

In 2014, she had solo exhibitions at Southard Reid, London, and Lorcan O' Neill, Rome, Italy.

When Hempton denotes Chatrandom as ‘wild’, she means in the sense of an untamed, uncharted terrain.

(2015), for example, is lithe to the point of quivering: the tangerine background playing against the plummy brown of the subject’s pouchy testicles, ice-green strokes giving swell to his buttocks.

Yet, there is an evacuated quality, too; the larger expanse of skin carries an anaemic cast. The frontal framing of buttocks in (1980), but the comparison serves to show up the former’s odd docility, the subject aimless in his blue surroundings.

Even as a child – a self-described tomboy – on walks in rural Wiltshire, Hempton and her father would dare each other to eat an uniden­tified mushroom, say, or walk the length of a rickety jetty.

It seems to have formed her relationship to a kind of risk-embracing swagger, but also, perhaps, introduced her to an affective, gendered experience of physical surroundings. The intimate cartography of these close-ups simultaneously suggests a great breadth existing outside the picture’s edge: sometimes, Hempton pairs works on canvas with large abstract murals, inspired by the wall-paintings of gardens in the Roman House of Livia, a first century BCE .

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