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They are a warrior like people who ruled from near Kabul to the Lowari Pass.They are not Muslims but follow their own way of life and there is only a few thousand Kalasha left as many have converted to Islam, the majority religion in the region.Maybe day dancing or night dancing and some maybe closed to outsiders. Dates can be fixed at the last minute depending on harvest or other things.‘Joshi’ is the festival dedicated to spring and future festivals.The responsiblity weighs on YOU and ANYONE ELSE you take through the site with you.I'd love to meet a woman with integrity, good character, good morals, who would be caring, respectful, kind, gentle and patient.Amir Abdur Rahman, the ruler of Afghanistan slaughtered the Bashgalis and any survivors were forced to convert to Islam.

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In 1893 the British and Afghan governments drew a common border that took 2 years known as the Durand Line which cut through Kafiristan.

Kalash religion is complex and polytheistic with a single creator called ‘Dezau’ or ‘Khodai’ and lesser gods and spirits with their own responsibilities.

The Warrior God named ‘Mahandeo’ is the guardian of crops, animals and other public matters and the female goddess ‘Jestak’ who cares for home, family and private matters.

It includes night dancing with day dancing on the last day.

It marks walnut and grape harvests and the end to wine making, though origins concerns return of shepherds from high pastures.

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