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Lil Pump has garnered a lot of success in his professional life, but it seems like he has hard luck when it comes to his personal life.

The rapper has taken to social media and posted something about his relationship status with i Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) on Instagram. If you have been following rapper Lil Pump’s music for a while, then you must be aware of his obsession with actress Miranda Cosgrove a.k.a. He calls her that because she played the role of Carly Shay in the sitcom, In March, Lil Pump had posted a photo with a small girl sitting with him.

Build-A-Bra Being shirtless (formerly) Carly Shay Chinese food (stated in i Still Psycho) Donut Holes Freddie Benson Jenna Hamilton Kirsten Liquid Soap One Direction Pig's milk Pop music Pudding Rock music Ryan Seacrest Sam Puckett Shannon Mitchell (formerly) Spelling Bees Tasha The exact replica of his head Unicorns Whipped Cream Pronouncing the word "Tennis" as "Teenis"Rap Music Having his girlfriend "stolen" Shannon Mitchell (currently) Nora Dirshlitt Texas Wedgies Sleeping on his side (i Still Psycho) Being shirtless (since season 4; mentioned in i Still Psycho, i Toe Fat Cakes and i Open a Restaurant) Nevel Papperman People manipulating his name (as seen in "i Can't Take It")Gibby (by everyone)Gib(bs) (by Carly, Sam and Freddie) Gibson (by Sam) The Gibster Lil' Weirdo Mc Gibster Gibbles (by Sam) Giblets (by Spencer) Gibwad (by Sam in i Can't Take It) Gibaloney (by Sam in i Still Psycho) Jibley (by Wade Collins in i Rocked the Vote) Orenthal Cornelius Hayes "Gibby" Gibson is a very close friend of Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Spencer Shay, the son of Charlotte Gibson, and the older brother of Guppy.

Now that his delusional relationship has come to an end, we wonder who will be his next target.

When Gibby's head is stuck in the machine, Freddie appears to show concern for Gibby and continues to rage the man, whom was scanning Gibby's head, to get him out.

This shows Freddie is indeed a very close friend of Gibby.

But this was most likely to get some attention from Cosgrove.

We are not sure when Lil Pump’s obsession with Cosgrove started or for what reason.

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