Capital fm dating

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From special days like Valentine to regular days, the duo has been flaunting their romance., stating that his girlfriend had wanted him to meet her family and friends.Other than that, he can be seen flaunting his new found love on his Instagram with him posting a number of pictures which show him and his girlfriend enjoying the best of times with each other. As of now, no distance seems to be able to keep them apart!

Things between the pair have been progressing very well, with both of them making time for each other.Speaking to the Although the breakup was a hard moment for Roman to go through, he managed to quickly pull himself back up.After a brief time as a single man and suggesting he was very much back on the market, he started parading his new girlfriend at the start of the new year!After the split with his girlfriend from Greece, Roman was quick in search for a new girlfriend; he didn’t want to keep dwelling in his past.However, he seems to have a thing for long distance relationships.

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