Bush ciara dating reggie

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Co-sign Candice: Arent all of the women he named black?

Alica , Halle and Amarie are black women so what’s your point?

If he is with a White or armenian (people keep trippin, she ain't black who cares if she is not white) if he picks a white chick or whatever he picks TRUST they WILL BE ACTING BLACK, JUST LIKE ALL OF THE REST OF THE TRASH THAT IS OUT THERE TRYING TO COP A RICH GUY. Regardless of how she got the fame (sex tape with her then boyfriend, that was leaked), she's owned up to her responsibilities, and capitalized on her newfound fame. On that note i really don’t have a problem with interacial dating hell if you find love great but what i have a problem with is when a famous blk man dates white women it’s like some kind of prize if you will like what is all the hoppla about kim k who did a sex tape but now evryone is likeomg she is beautifil has a big A&& but how many blk women who is dating famous people even get a time of the day with the media.

They ALL want TANS, they ALL want asses, THEY WANT TO BE BLACK women TRUST! Just like kayne arm piece what is all the hoopla but when he was dating a educated blk women there was no talk of that.anywho they both will be fine.

Since when was Africa–a continent that is 3xs the size of the U. As an East African, this kind of “charity” makes me sick.

Had you read my comment completely, you would have seen that I stated ALL those women were mixed.point in bringing up that article about Reggie was that he seems to be the type of guy who has a certain type of taste in women.fuck you are ignorant, you need to stop hating yourself so much. Maybe if you were less bitter you'd have more luck with the opposite sex. Reggie is just one of the (many) black men who don’t really like black women.yes racism is alive and well and you are the perfect example of that...hate is just as ugly as those that hate us. I don’t care as I really don’t find him attractive.Everyone wants to be respected nad you are well on your way to RE-gaining that back. Just like she did paris hilton, that producer and ray j. I mean you know all this shit was evident so act like you know! For whatever reason most of yall use our men (mostly to trap them), we know it’s not for the good.It might be hard for a couple months, but you will be glad with the decision. I mean the break up was a stimuli from him seeing what happened to Steve Mc Nair.

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