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In deciding what in times past never used to be a choice, we don’t consider the importance of raising another generation of our own people, however we might choose to define them. He sweeps the lens back toward the window, where the cat hasn't stirred. Alternatively, is storytelling simply the easiest way for us to apprehend the tenuous notion of the self?The question is whether kids will make us happy.” ― “The universe of his own feelings keeps crowding everyone else's out. And is 'remember' even the right word for something for which you have zero empirical evidence? Does storytelling enable us to recognize the translucent thread that connects us to the past?We justly cherish characters capable of living “in the moment.”…We admire go-getters determined to pack their lives with as much various experience as time and money provide, who never stop learning, engaging, and savoring what every day offers—in contrast to the dour killjoys who are bitter and begrudging in the ceaseless fulfillment of obligation. If you succumb to what's morbid You bury your chance to be free.” ― “What is the proper relationship between dodgy self-absorption and a quest for perceptive understanding of our own journey? Why do I spend hours attempting to evaluate past performance, reconcile exhibited flaws in my personal character, and atone for reprehensible prior behavior? People tend to spend more time living inside their head than they do confronting reality.For the role of humble server, helpmate, and facilitator no longer to constitute the sole model of womanhood surely represents progress for which I am personally grateful. Is a person’s constant internal narrative dialogue a form of catharsis?

It is what you do for God that isn't self serving, which sets the stage for children to learn to care about something other than what is expected.” ― tags: altruisim, apathy, bad-parenting-skills, be-an-example, better-parenting, brain-washing, children, choose-the-right, compassionless, cruelty, empathy, evil, example, fake, humane, humanity, illegal, injustice, kids, kindness, lacking-restituition, liz, mindful, mothers-fathers, not-caring, parenting, parents, repent, repentance, rise-up, seek-god, self-absorbed, self-serving, teach-love, teaching-falsely, worldly, worship “Empowered Women 101: A confident and faithful woman that loves herself and knows what she is capable of creating will attract the right man that will want to be part of that plan.

We give little thought to the perpetuation of lineage, culture or nation; we take our heritage for granted. We measure the value of our lives within the brackets of our own births and deaths, and we’re not especially bothered by what happens once we’re dead. —we are apt to look back on our pasts and question not did I serve family, God and country, but did I ever get to Cuba, or run a marathon? If that package sounds like one big moral step backward, the Be Here Now mentality that has converted from sixties catchphrase to entrenched gestalt has its upsides. This fellow was like some kind of after-dinner black hole.

There has to be some value in living for today, since at any given time today is all you’ve got. My anxiety began to mount again.” ― “Don't let your inner demons Take the best of your creeds. Do not be so self-absorbed That you can't see the tree.

Increasingly secular, we pledge allegiance to lowercase gods of our private devising.

We are concerned with leading less a good life than the good life.

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