Beth ehlers dating murray

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The show then focused on weaving Taylor into the Martin family, eventually crafting a love story between Taylor and Tad Martin.Fans had apparently been receptive to the romance, even offering suggestions to help build story for the two characters.

And I'm constantly having to hedge my performance cause I can't be doing Shakespeare while he's doing something else." Ehlers' remarks set off a whirlwind of controversy, before she and Martinez made a joint appearance on Stardish Radio to dispel rumors that they didn't get along.

In an on-air interview with Stardish Radio earlier this year, Ehlers was vocal about her unhappiness with the direction of her character.

In her frustration, Ehlers also created rumors about her relationship with her then-on-screen love interest, JR Martinez, who plays Brot Monroe.

The ABC soap will part ways with former Guiding Light star Beth Ehlers by the end of the year.

Though her arrival in Pine Valley was highly touted, the show didn't seem to know what to do with Ehlers' character.

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