Best cheap online dating site

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You enter your location and browse or search for groups on your favorite topics.

For example, there are meetup groups for music, movies, hiking, bicycling, politics, and almost anything else.

zero tolerance for lewd behavior and inappropriate photos to keep daters honest when creating profiles and posting pictures.” I don’t know how they’ll police it. Women especially get concerned about the creepy or hookup factor on some of the dating sites. FACEBOOK and MYSPACE Obviously overall social networking sites, not specifically dating websites.

However, many people can and do use them to find dates.

As with any site, your results may depend on your location, age, gender, appearance and interests.

See the end of this article for some general online dating tips. OK CUPID Occupying a much lower rung on the traffic rankings, nonetheless worth checking out. Unlike Plenty of Fish, it’s attractively designed, clever and a fun site to use.

There are several excellent options for finding dates online, without spending a cent. Plenty of Fish makes money by running ads on their site, rather than charging users.

That’s fine, but the look of the site is the main drawback. Cluttered, clunky design, unattractive typefaces, and intrusive ads are the rule.

Other cool features include winks, a star rating system for profiles you’ve viewed, and a button which shows you whether a user “replies often” or “replies selectively”. Its main drawback is simply that it doesn’t get as much traffic as some other sites, so there are fewer potential dates to choose from.

Just imagine a potential date seeing your friend tell you “hey man, how’s the parole going? However, you can cover yourself to a certain degree by editing the privacy settings on your profile.

This will allow you to control what other people see about you. MEETUP Again, not specifically a dating site, but a great way to find people who share your interests, completely for free.

You can answer as many questions as you want (the more, the better your matches) and you can skip questions you don’t like.

Then the site correlates with other people’s answers to find your matches.

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