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He broke into song, and we had a brass band hiding in the trees behind us.The whole crowd stood up and starting clapping and singing—it was magic!

“We had our friend Jamie, who has a big personality, do this reading.

” During cocktail hour, Moscow mules and Gin & Tonics made by the couple’s friends at Jack Rudy were served.

While a tomato salad, pesto pasta, and Colorado lamb with roasted potatoes and charred broccoli by Chef Miles Angelo was served, speeches were given by the bride’s mother and father, the best man, and then the groom.

The rugby star stunned fans earlier this week when he announced that he had tied the knot after "a little over two weeks" - but lawyer Peter has refuted the claims.

He said: "I believe it was a bit more than a fortnight", adding that his daughter would never marry a man that she'd only known for two weeks.

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