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I need to close the book on him, but at the same time don't wanna be a bitch. I need to balance honesty with him not thinking that I'm hung up on him.

“My name is MC Solomon, but better yet, I am MCLIVINIT. While I am losing weight and getting healthy, I am constantly working on my mental health. We would purposefully spill things on our faces and joke that we were saving it for later.

In the fall of 2016 I decided to study abroad in Spain to get out of the mess I felt like I was in.

I met my best friends and finally felt like I had a voice again.

He has all the right traits, but things just didn't work out.

Whenever he's single, the temptation for me is there.

All I’ve ever wanted was to inspire people with my story, through my music. I have been through it all: bullying, counseling, nutrition classes, fat camps, abuse, addiction, the latest weight loss fads, diets, cleanses, and even the Lap Band. In my mind, there was absolutely no hate in our world, and everything was perfect – until it wasn’t. The 28,000 steps, 1,200 calories, endless hours of weekly counseling and nutrition classes, and the No/Low-fat diet worked, of course… Every summer I would easily lose 50 pounds, only to go back home and gain 80 pounds. The road to becoming a healthier and better me has been anything but easy. Especially with the route of gastric bypass, I have had to overcome MANY haters – including hate from people I considered best friends. My first encounter with bullying began when I was in the 6th grade.I was physically unable to move more than 3-4 steps and didn’t want anyone to touch me. My doctor said it was the biggest blood clot he had ever seen, being nearly the size of a deflated football. Two weeks later, I was re-hospitalized for further complications.That day came and went, and the following day I started to throw up blood. The doctors spent days trying figure out what was going on, and why my body was rejecting itself. Looking back now, those three weeks were a painful blur, FRUSTRATING, and absolutely terrifying. It was a long road to recovery but by month two I was healthy.As if it couldn’t have gotten worse, I began to have my books and binders stolen and placed back into my locker with things like ‘fatty,’ ‘ugly hippo,’ ‘whale lard,’ ‘hideous’ and more – smeared, and scrawled across nearly every page. I was not like anyone else, and that really bothered me.After high school I went to Berklee College of Music.

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