Backdating wiki

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When you've changed the linked account, all the transactions for the bank feed will be visible when you select the new linked account on the Bank transactions page. You can cancel a bank feed, either before your application has been processed, or after it’s been accepted and you’ve begun receiving data.

You should only cancel a bank feed if you want to permanently stop the flow of data from your bank for the selected account.

Note that the new costing engine is included in Openbravo 3 starting from MP13.

My bottom line conclusion is that failing to book (expense) employee stock options, in traditional or exit value accounting models, creates highly misleading financial reports that inflate earnings per share, retained earnings, and even cash and other assets.

In the stock options backdating scandal, companies looked at their stocks' historical prices, found the low point, and granted options based on that date.

When you change the linked account for a bank feed, all transactions from that bank feed will be moved to the new linked account.

If either the old or new linked accounts have been reconciled since this bank feed was set up, or if you've locked your accounts, you won't be able to switch the linked account.

It is not legally possible to actually "backdate" such an agreement - because the agreement could trigger certain tax and reporting requirements, you could be in breach of those requirements if you signed an agreement now dated as of last year.

What is done instead is simply to start the vesting in the past, which is what was done in your case.

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