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How did a Russian-born novelist become such an influential "thought leader" for American CEOs, entrepreneurs, and MBAs — and even Alan Greenspan?Consider the message behind Ayn Rand best sellers href=" Server?

Greenspan managed the economic boom of the 1990s on the strength of these ideas, fighting regulatory controls that threatened the free market.

"Her economic ideas were never really relevant or workable," says Rick Wilson, a sociology instructor at Marshall University in Huntington, W. "The time we're living through is just another example of that." And yet 51 years after Atlas Shrugged was published, Rand's writing still wields considerable influence in business.

Objectivist philosophy — which calls for facts over feelings, reason over mysticism, individual over state, and selfishness before altruism — wouldn’t have reached the masses if not for her books.

pagename=objectivism_fiction_the_fountainhead"The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, which speaks to anyone with ambition and a big ego: The gifted should do what's in their self-interest.

If you have a sharp mind, it is your moral responsibility to make yourself happy. "I am for an absolute laissez-faire, free, unregulated economy," href="

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