Asian dating white men

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Messaging a stranger (or even someone you know, for that matter) to let them know you disapprove of their relationship is always going to be a problematic choice.But as Tran points out, these uncomfortable confrontations often offer an opportunity for dialogue that wouldn't be had otherwise.She concludes that the people who troll her are often dealing with their own identity crises and feelings of hurt."This video was a weird experience because it started with my being hurt and angry, and ended up with me wanting to help and learn more," she says in the video."I understand that in the West, we have the disgusting narrative of the foreign Asian girl who acts as a catalyst for a white man’s spiritual journey — but, please, in real life they’re not here to grind on you under artsy pink lighting in an apartment in Japan," Wong writes."They’re not going to lead you down busy Tokyo streets and smile enigmatically at you, and they’re not a plot device for your sick story." "They’re not ‘real life anime characters’, and they’re not all ‘good little sheltered girls,’" Wong continues.Tran talks to professional matchmakers, social science experts and people in interracial relationships to figure out why people — and in particular, Asian men — reacted so negatively to her love life.She shares some of the nasty comments she gets when she shares pictures of her mixed-race nieces and nephews, and explores the complex reactions that interracial couples get from people of all ethnicities.

The day after my wedding, my new husband and I both received messages from a fake Facebook account that simply said "race traitor." It's hard to know if I was dealing with a white supremacist or someone who was expressing their hurt in an unhealthy way.

We live in a society where white supremacy and systemic racism are norms, and people of color — especially men — are often demonized and looked down upon.

One of the experts Tran talks to is Katie Chen of Two Asian Matchmakers.

She says dating is more all-around difficult for Asian men.

Chen says her Asian clients looking for non-Asian partners sometimes think of Asian men as "nerdy" and "less engaging." When people are specifically seeking white partners, it's hard to say that the skepticism some people of color feel toward interracial relationships is misplaced.

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