Aries woman dating an aquarius man dating muslim site

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Playful and fun are two words that describe the Aquarius and Aries relationship. Such is the case when the Aquarius and Aries personalities come together in friendship, and later, a steamy love affair!They make excellent friends and even better lovers. This pairing can result in explosions outside the bedroom doors.Plus, you will get extra points for being forthright and daring in your opinions. An afternoon at the ballgame is not everyone’s idea of romance, so she may be confused about your intentions.She’ll love your intellectual qualities and large network of acquaintances since she has trouble getting along with anyone.They love spending quiet time together as much as hitting the social scene.When the Aquarius and Aries personalities meet the friendship is near instantaneous.His general outlook on life and love seems to be “take me or leave me, and if I leave you, oh well.” Don’t underestimate her ego, jealousy, and impatience.When she accuses you of flirting with the waitress in front of her and you tell her she’d be better off with someone else, be sure you mean it because this is one woman who will tire of your detatchment quickly.

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There is a possibility of great passion and devotion in this relationship; however, it will be to a common cause not to each other.Sex can be quite kinky with Aquarius which is just fine with an Aries who is a “ good sport.” When Aquarius hauls out the gear and low voltage electrical devices Aries’ passion goes over the top. He will just leave longer and longer intervals between contact.There is not an Aquarian in the world who wants to have it out or who feels the least bit down once his affections have turned elsewhere.If she wants to win his heart and keep it, she should get interested in the things that put stars in his eyes.He’ll have to yield some of his goals to create shared activities, but its doubtful that he will.

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