Are madison pettis and jaden smith dating

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Media companies were impressed with her personality and contacted her with offers.She became successful to be portrayed in an episode of Hannah Montana and she appeared as Cory in the House as Sophie. After that wonderful moment, she appeared in an episode of ‘The 4000’ and in hit television show Barney and Friends.Well, it is unknown how and when the couple met each other.Also, we are unknown when and how much time, they spend together.

She was a nominee for Young Artist Award for the year 20 for Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series for ‘Cory in the House’ and for Best Performance in a Feature film –Young Actress for ‘The Game Plan’.

Yes, Madison Pettis and Jaden Smith hang out often.

If you search Madison Pettis on regular Yahoo, you'll see a picture of her and Jaden Smith hanging out at some movie premier or something.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean they have to be together always.

Madison and Michael are in a long distance relationship.

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