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The claim that men are intimidated by clever women is backed by the results of a new study conducted by Polish economists Adam Karbowski and his colleagues from the Warsaw School of Economics analyzed data from a Columbia University speed-dating experiment, in which more than 500 students participated.The men and women took part in a regular speed-dating event.

Women who score less than 4 for attractiveness or 2 for intelligence have very little chance of being chosen; this isn’t true when women judge men.As far as women’s preferences are concerned, the sky’s the limit.Women may be happy to trade intelligence for attractiveness, but they will always be more likely to choose a man who is a little more attractive or intelligent.If he scores a 9 for attractiveness, our genius has a 75 percent chance of being chosen.On the other hand, a man who scores 10 for 10 in attractiveness has a 30 percent chance of being selected, even if he’s not very intelligent.

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