Airline dating pilot

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Friends ask me why Alex won’t just come back and work in the U. and this is what I tell them: Despite having 10 years of flying experience, Alex would have to return to work as a First Officer on reserve (see above) making less than half of his current pay.Pilots with less flight experience but longer company time will have priority over him in terms of schedule, plane size and promotions.It just doesn’t make sense, your time with a company counts for more than time in the air.So basically, once you get to a good place in your aviation career, stay there so you can grow; bouncing around is not ideal.For the most part, pilots and flight attendants are friendly with one another (but international companies don’t want them to be too friendly, so they place them in separate hotels on layovers).However, where my husband currently works, the flight attendants are told to “keep an eye on” and report pilots for misbehavior.

International layovers average between 20-28 hours, whereas in the U. Think about this: Pilot lands at pm and needs an hour to shut down the plane, complete paperwork and get to the hotel.This sounds reasonable, until you understand that taking cookies from the galley without asking a flight attendant or being in the restroom too long is means for a write up. If the passengers aren’t offered food, neither are the pilots.Luckily for Alex, he now flies internationally and doesn’t have to pay for peanuts.He isn’t tied down to a computer and catching up on work and he isn’t conference calling or replying to emails. Piloting isn’t a job, it’s a hobby, it’s a life choice and many of them – and their families – would have it no other way. Browse the profile previews below and you may just find your perfect partner. We have 1000's of singles who have always been looking to meet somebody exactly like you!

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