Ahmad bradshaw dating angelina

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Ahmad Bradshaw was in a long term, stable relationship with a woman who was not famous for hooking up with Vinny or being the self appointed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.The email let us know that he was with a woman named Jessica Marcus for over a decade and with whom he had two children.Of course I know who Snooki and J-Woww are but they do others things besides just Jersey Shore!I had seen the twitter picture before this story ever came out, but it looked like she was just a fan!So when we are with our babies or our family, I do wish we could have a little more privacy but I am very thankful he has fans who love and support him the way they do!:) I know one day all the attention will die down, so I choose to just be appreciative of the fans and the love they show him now!

The reader also told us that Jessica was at the Super Bowl with Ahmad, and that the couple has two children together. The reader didn’t use any racially ignorant terminology when describing their relationship. Don’t feel like tacking the word “guy” on the end of that? but then again, I suppose that sums up her of fame. PW: Knowing that you guys more or less grew up together, how has the transition been from Graham High School, to Marshall, to almost being Mr.Irrelevant when picked at #250 in the 7th round by the Giants?When Ahmad first got into the league, we could pretty much go anywhere and no one really bothered us!But now we can’t go anywhere without people wanting autographs and pictures with him!

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