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We also won’t be able to attend the wedding.” You staying home would be better for everyone.

Dear Amy: “Dismissed Wife” talked about the lack of emotional support her husband offered her.

The schedule might be a little tough at times as well as worrying about her safety on the job, but beyond that, I'm more interested in who she is as a person.

A woman becoming a police officer doesn't diminish her femininity. Technically drinking a beer in the carpark is a crime, so no-go.

I now realize it was delayed stress from our terrible grief.

Thank you for recommending Compassionate Friends support group.

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Not only is she expecting me and my boyfriend to pay gobs of money to attend the destination wedding that she can’t afford, but she has also been messaging my boyfriend behind my back (my boyfriend is showing me the messages), saying how she can’t wait for the wedding — so my boyfriend can see her in a bikini. Dear Don’t Know: This sort of frenemy drama is how I’m getting through the winter. You seem to want to turn the bride in to her fiance to retaliate because she is messaging your boyfriend.

Also (at least in Germany) the training changes people in way that I find very resenting.

If I would fall in love with one I might try it, but in generally I would not do it.

You picked up on the detail that she had lost a child.

Many years after our son died, my marriage started to fall apart.

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