Adult camsharing

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Or you're paying for the HSD signal and assume that entitles you to the video signal as well? Well, at least I can sleep at night knowing no one's ever going to come knocking on my door in the middle of the night. What is always funny is the flawed logic in people that knowingly take, use or steal what is not theres. If there is video signal coming through the line because the tech didnt trap it out, which he should, then you actively took the line and plugged it into your tv knowing it is not a service that you are paying for. There is a slight grey area there because if you couldnt care less and see no moral issue with it then even if they came to your home and put the trap in your housebox there is a good chance you would go out there, see the trap and take it off yourself and continue to steal the service. yes Are there people out there that claim to know a lot more than they do? ck who seems to infer something is being said against him?

I don't know about you, but do you really expect everyone to keep their mouths shut after being "raped"? lower prices = no more raping, which in turn means happier customers and less "hacking". The friggin cable is already plugged in for me since I have high speed internet, so I am confused about the part where "stealing" comes in.Also, is there any way to unscramble basic cable from the jack instead of the locked cable switchboard on site.I understand that it is merely a switch of sorts from the cable box.jeeeez...Now that was 5 years ago so it may not apply and I don't have the code and it was for a motorolla box.If any one can get the code plz post it may still work for some boxes.

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