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Hi Flora, You are right of course, because your husband is being scammed.If you google Annahu Nuhu you will see that she is listed as a scammer on 'Dating Scams' site.for obvious reasons, or for fear of appearing to look or be accused of being reckless or stupid. But my husband does have a Wymoo person in his list of contacts, so I'm hoping something is happening to take care of this situation. However, most scammers work out of Internet Cafes and there are lots of them in Accra.It's very hard to trace them as they use false names false identities etc.That's what makes everything I try to do on this site worthwhile by getting good news like that. They had a very strong hold on him and I'm hoping we can keep him out of their clutches. Just ask yourself one question, why would he be arrested at the Airport and for what? Anyway, do you think it's credible that a person would go to Ghana, lose their money and not have something to fall back on?I wish you all the best going forward and thanks again for posting the update. We have a long road of recovery ahead of us and I'm hoping my husband will trust us to keep him safe and feeling loved and appreciated. If he was genuine then the Embassy in Accra would be sympatetic towards him and even if he had to pay the money back later, well if what he says is true, then in this instance they would help him.Trust me you and your husband have a serious problem and my heart goes out to you.She/he uses stolen photos, more than likely taken from a porn site and you are going to have a serious challenge on your hands to convince your husband that he is being scammed.

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It was very thoughtful of you to come back on the site with your update and your kind words to me. I think my family and I have been able to pull my husband out of the brink.I do wish you all the best and hope you do come back, My regards, JOHN I FELL VICTIM TO A ROMANCE SCAM NOT LONG AGO, I SENT MONEY BUT THINGS JUST DIDN ADD UP NO MORE.A SCAM INVESTIGATOR AND HER TEAM ONLINE, IT SAVED MY VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY. YOU CAN REACH KAREN AND TEAM TOO ON [email protected] Best dating scam update:- address in Ghana I was given is Lower Mc Carthy Hill Accra Ghana 00233.and at times it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.The scammers use Western Union a lot and they use false identities to collect their ill gotten monies.

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