1950 teenagers dating

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an offensive combination in the eyes of the status quo.

● There was alarm about teens dating and "heavy petting." Any talk about sex was taboo and could be punishable. "The The older generations were especially worried about "juvenile delinquency." In the 1950s, this didn't mean dealing in street drugs or drive-by shootings, but rather chewing gum in class, souping up a hot rod and talking back to parents.

● The new slang - hipster talk - bothered most adults.

It was part African American, part beatnik and part street gang...

The 1950s was a decade of dramatic shift in the way Americans grew up and the activities that they were involved in.

During the 50s teenagers saw responsibilities shrink and free time increase.

The 1950s was truly a defining decade in American English's journey to its present form.

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With the increased teen presence came disapproval, as marginalization and indifference turned into active condemnation of teenagers by parents and local authorities.

During this time parents who had survived WII felt an increase in desire to have their children have a better life.

The availability of social interaction between teenagers saw a surge in the creation of slang terms covering everything from dating, music to general descriptions of those events themselves.

● Most girls weren't allowed to wear pants, and boys weren't allowed to wear blue jeans.

Even Stanford University prohibited the wearing of jeans in public during the 1950s.

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